8 Most Common GMO Foods (some of these might surprise you)

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Over the past few year there has been a significant increase in the amount of GMO foods, particularly in the US. Below is an updated list of the most common foods-- some you already know about, others might be surprising.

You're likely aware of the first four GMO foods, but did you know about the last three? Leave me a comment and let me know if your were surprised or not.

1. Corn

Approximately 85% of non organic corn is genetically modified. Corn is modified to resist the poison... er,  herbicide glyphosate so farmers can spray the living hell out of crops and destroy everything except, ya know, the stuff you eat. Yummy. Most corn and soy in the US is used for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs. 

2. Soy

Another of the more obvious crops, soy is the most genetically modified food in the US. Like corn, soy is modified to resist glyphosate. It's also modified to increase the amount of the
Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that may, or may no, have mild benefits to cholesterol levels. Hardly worth consuming for these purported effects.

3. Canola

About 90% of Canola is GMO but that might actually be the least of it's problems. It's extremely high in inflammatory Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) which go rancid during processing. This causes high levels of oxidative stress in anyone unfortunate enough to consume Canola Oil on a regular basis.

4. Cotton Seed

Cottonseed is used to make another highly inflammatory oil that's heat and chemical extracted, yet it's touted as something healthy. About 90% of Cottonseed is GMO. After the oil is extracted the waste is used for animal feed so when you consume industrial animal products, you're getting GMO whether you like it or not.

Yellow Crookneck Squash and Zucchini

This one surprises many people. The amount of GMO squash is relatively small but growing. Yellow squash and zucchini are modified to contain a protein that resists common viruses. No one knows what the protein does to humans.
Bon Appétit.


Sorry, I couldn't help myself. This Alfalfa, to my knowledge, is not genetically modified. However, most alfalfa crops in the US are GMO. It's modified to resist the herbicide Round-Up so farmers can spray and kill everything that grows around it.

Sugar Beets

Sugar beets have been particularly controversial. They were approved in 2005. Then banned in 2010. Then approved again in 2012. They make up about 95% of the US sugar beet market.

8. Milk

Got GMO? Yes, milk is modified because the commerical cows are given genetically modified
rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) which is used to increase milk production to an unnatural, and ungodly level. Those hormones end up in your milk making you big and strong. No, sorry, that's wrong– They just make you sick.

In the near future be on the lookout for GMO apples, potatoes and salmon. I'll do my best to keep you posted.

Remember, the best way to avoid GMOs is to eat real food and choose organic when you eat any of the foods on this list.

Please share to let anyone you care about know to avoid these foods.

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