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This is probably the most honest and transparent blog I've ever written. Please read.


I didn’t write my book Sow for you. I wrote it for me. Let me explain.

Did you know when I originally launched The Definitive Way to go Gluten Free it only sold 55 copies?

Yep, that’s it. I spent 7 months researching, reading studies and writing that book. Then editing and rewriting and rewriting again. It was a ton of work.

The day of the launch I was incredibly excited. I expected to sell hundreds (maybe thousands?) of copies in the first couple of days and for it to shoot into Amazon best seller status in no time.

I had quite a wake up call. As sales dribbled in over the first few days I began getting more and more depressed. By the end of the week I was devastated.

All of that work. All of that time. All to make about $370. The good news, however, was that the reviews started rolling in and people loved it. The book was really making a difference in people’s lives. It was helping folks and I was reminded that THAT was the reason I wrote the book in the first place.

Over the next several weeks I went back and forth between being depressed and hopeful but I went back to the single most important reason I was doing this-- to help people.

That’s when the idea for Sow popped in my head. The idea that people need to take small but important steps toward their goal. To not think too much. To just get started.

That was it. A seven day project. Not just a meal plan, but a blueprint for how to live for a week. How to launch yourself toward any goal.

What started out as a simple project turned into something that was truly transformative. When I finished the first draft I had a profound realization: That I needed to write this for no one other than me.

When it came time to launch Sow I was somewhat detached from the outcome. Sure I wanted it to be successful. I knew people would buy it. I knew it would help people. Most importantly, I knew I had even bigger goals accomplish beyond this book.

Well, the weekend of the launch, not only did Sow hit the best seller list on Amazon, it lifted The Definitive Way to go Gluten Free up with it. Both books were in the top 10 in their respective categories on the same weekend.

Obviously I was exstatic and beyond grateful but to be honest, I was already thinking about the next project. While I was finishing up Sow, my brain hatched the idea for The Primal Cooking Workshop.

Most of you reading this found me because of that workshop. Had I not written Sow, chances are I would have talked myself out of that project shortly after first thinking of it.

I would have told myself that it was too big. That I would never get any big name bloggers and authors to be involved. That no one would want to watch this kind of cooking class.

Sure, those thoughts entered my head but now I knew to expect then. It was that “voice," or what I call in the book, “Gates” that try to block you from achieving your goals. I recognized them and I was able to break through them.

As you probably know, the workshop featured some of the very best and most respected authors, bloggers and chefs in the paleo and real food space. When we launched nearly 17,000 people attended.

None of that would have happened without Sow, Planing the Seeds for Health, Well Being and a Superhero Life.

In fact, as soon as I had the idea for the workshop, that “voice” started telling me it would never work. THAT’S when I fought back and what came out of that battle was the final chapter of Sow.

I’d like to share that final chapter, “Closing Thoughts: Breaking Through,” with you. Actually, I decided to record it for you so you can listen now.

>>>You can listen to it here<<<

This is the single most important reason I was able to do something as big as the Primal Cooking Workshop and therefore the single most important reason you’re probably reading this.

Maybe it’s just the thing you need to help you push through and accomplish whatever goals you have.

>>>Listen Here<<<

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