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I have a confession to make and a story to tell you...

Posted by joe rigs on Sunday, December 1, 2013, In : Get your mind right 

This is probably the most honest and transparent blog I've ever written. Please read.


I didn’t write my book Sow for you. I wrote it for me. Let me explain.

Did you know when I originally launched The Definitive Way to go Gluten Free it only sold 55 copies?

Yep, that’s it. I spent 7 months researching, reading studies and writing that book. Then editing and rewriting and rewriting again. It was a ton of work.

The day of the launch I was incredibly excited. I expe...

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Tweet: "This guy had a $100k appendectomy. Read his story here."

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Joe Rignola, HHC, FDN Joe Rignola is an author, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Health Counselor. More importantly, I hate talking in the 3rd person. I'm really just a guy who took control of my own health and overcame several ailments including metabolic disorders, digestive issues, depression and ADD. Actually, my recovery from ADD however is questionable.