The Diet of Disease

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It's probably the most common questions I get: "What the heck should I eat to be healthy?"

Instead of going into all the things you should be eating on a healthy diet, I'm going to approach this from a different direction. Let's dissect the finer points of getting sick—a radical eating plan that will guarantee that you’ll end up as a sick and miserable human being. I call it...

The Diet of Disease

    This extreme, illness-inducing diet contains an obscene amount of grains, around seven to ten servings a day, which causes a cascade of gut malfunction and immune dysregulation. It’s filled with “alternative” protein sources such as processed soy products and other legumes and seeds that not only are poorly digested and absorbed but also create an environment in which other nutrients cannot be absorbed. If I were recommending this diet, I’d ask you to replace natural fats and oils such as butter and coconut oil with refined vegetable and seed oils, which cause an overwhelming amount of oxidative stress, inflammation, and a wildly skewed omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. I would use scare tactics, telling you that if you didn’t eat this way you could become deficient in nutrients such as folic acid and fiber. I’d tell you this way of eating is the only way to avoid cancer and heart disease. Astonishingly, I’d make you believe this even as those diseases exploded the more we ate this way. Just in case you didn’t really believe it—I mean, really believe it deep down inside—I’d engineer these foods to be more addictive than cocaine.

    In an effort to get you to buy into it, I’d send these extreme dietary messages through government officials and government policy. To give myself creditability, I’d use mainstream media and create popular TV personalities who are good looking and act as if they care about you. I’d even use doctors and registered dietitians, who’d actually go to college to learn all about my sickly eating plan. If I really wanted to be sinister about it—I mean, truly barbaric with my approach to this mass-disease campaign—I’d target young kids. I’d lie to you, saying that sugary cereals with an array of chemicals, artificial coloring and flavoring, and gut-destroying grains were perfectly healthy for your kids to eat. In fact I’d even try to make you believe they were beneficial. If that didn’t work, I’d tell your kids directly that if they got you to buy this stuff, I’d have presents waiting for them at the bottom of the boxes. I’d even hide behind lovable cartoon characters to entice your children into eating according to my plan.

    That would be horrific indeed, but I wouldn’t be done there. I’d convince parents that my baby formula, which is filled with all of my standard, poisonous ingredients, such as trans-fats, precessed and genetically modified soy and corn syrup, is just as good as mother’s milk. To make sure infants were exposed to this poisonous formula, I’d control the entire market, making it extremely difficult, or impossible, to find healthier alternatives. As a result, babies would have altered gut flora, allergies, and immune issues for the rest of their lives.

      Indeed I would control every aspect of food production from the
        actual seeds themselves to the packaging.
      Heck, I’d even make sure the packaging was toxic.

    I would be the food industry as it is today. If you don’t think this is a profoundly accurate description of exactly what’s going on, please, please, please wake up.

Now for some good news: You don’t need to eat this way.

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