Q and A: What can I do when my in-laws don't support my GF lifestyle?

Posted by joe rignola on Friday, October 11, 2013 Under: Videos

This one really touched a nerve with me. What would you do in this situation?

You've been struggling with your health for years UNTIL, your doctor suggests a gluten-free diet. Almost immediately you start to get relief.

Within a couple of weeks many of your symptoms disappear. After a couple of months you feel more than 90% better and things just continue to improve.

The problem is, you in-laws think it's a joke, a fad and your problems are all in your head. They mock you for not eating the same junk food they do.

What's worse, your husband is kind of on the fence about it and fails to support you when his family challenges your decision to eat a healthy, gluten free diet.

That's the situation with, this viewer from Florida (name withheld).

Check out the video and then chime in by commenting right below the video. If her family won't support her, maybe this community will. Thanks!

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