Q and A Friday: Why Did My Cholesterol Go UP on Paleo?

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I'm back with a Q and A Friday video and this question comes from Allison who sent me this message via Facebook.

In the video below I discuss just a couple of the most likely reason someone might experience higher cholesterol after switching to a healthier diet. 

Also, I cut the following info from the video to help keep it on the shorter side, but I feel like it's important for everyone to know.

Everyone has a normal physiological range when it comes to cholesterol. Your lipids aren't static and never stay exactly 198 or 225 or whatever number shows up on your results.

In other words, your cholesterol might be 230 one week, and in as little as 2 weeks later, they might be something like 200 or 250.

In fact, there could be a 35 point difference in total cholesterol in either direction. That's a 70 point swing!

I used to work in a doctor's office and when I brought that study to the doc's attention she was like, "yeah, no kidding. That's an old study!" She was one of the few docs out that really thought outside of the box. And by that I mean she actually cared about her patients.


In other words, this isn't new information and doctors should be aware of these variations. Yet, they're all too quick to press you to take statins if you total cholesterol goes over 200. Even if your heart is perfect. Even if you have no history of heart disease.

Plenty of times I've seen situations where a patient was fasting for one test and not for another. That can totally skew the results. Heck, having a drink or two the night before could skew the results. The results can also vary for no reason whatsoever. It's just your body's normal fluctuations because, ya know, we're not robots. Well, some of us aren't robots.

So, the next time your doctor is looking over your test results, furrows his brow, yet doesn't bother to look up from his prescription pad and says, "I'm a little concerned about these numbers. Looks like your cholesterol went up 12 points since your last test." You can say, "Are you sure? Maybe it went down 58 points."

Either way, you can probably ignore your doc's advice to hit the 5ยข Lipitor dispenser on your way out of the office.


Here's the video:



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