Why Don't I Feel Better Eating Gluten Free?

October 7, 2013
The doctor told her...
"At the rate of decline we're seeing, I believe you'll need surgery to remove a section of your large intestine within the year. We can increase your medication for now and hope for the best, but otherwise there's nothing more we can do. "

Those were the words heard by Theresa about a week before she walked into my office a little more than two years ago.

To this day, Theresa remains one of the most inspiring and remarkable people I've ever met.

She worked two jobs, took care of her mother and despite being in chronic pain, found time to be an amazing mom to three awesome kids.

Among several other autoimmune diseases, she had Celiac Disease so she was already 100% gluten free. Her health however, continued to decline.

The day she came into my office, she was desperate and broken BUT, she refused to give up.

She was following a standard gluten-free diet filled with processed foods and devoid of many essential nutrients.

After spending a few hours with her that day I gave her a two things before she left: A meal plan that eliminated grains, legumes, dairy and eggs and included things like grass-fed beef, fish, cooked vegetables and bone broth.

The other thing I gave her was a list of books to read. The books were about everything from cooking and nutrition to simple living and stress reduction. I knew that if she was going to follow this plan and take control of her health, she needed to completely understand what was happening in her body.

As I continued to work with her over the next year or so, her transformation was seemingly miraculous. Her family, friends and doctors were in disbelief. She got her life back and remains profoundly grateful.

Today, Theresa has fully recovered. She's vibrant, healthy, off of all medication and most importantly, was able to avoid surgery. In fact, she's now a yoga instructor.  I'm so incredibly proud of her and I'm proud to call her my friend.

I tell you this story because, while it may be extreme, I see so many people making the same mistakes. The video below explains why someone might not feel better even after going gluten free. I’m hoping this story and the video will help someone else regain their health so they can take their life back.

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Here’s the video answering the question: Why don’t I feel better eating gluten free?

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