9 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India (2019) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If I were to say that you have more dust inside the house than outside it, you will ask me to go for a toss.

Your retort will be, “I sweep the rooms every day. I mop the floors as well almost on a daily basis. Where is the question of any dust?”

You do not have to go very far to notice the difference.

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How to Clean Your Gadgets (Without Breaking Them)

As someone who likes to keep things tidy, I find my grimy electronics collection is an embarrassment. How can I clean my gadgets without damaging them?

According to a study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 92 percent of tested cellphones were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, and one in six tested positive for 

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A Smarter Way to Clean Your Home

How to Clean the Kitchen

In the kitchen, wiping surfaces, keeping tabs on the fridge and washing dishes every day will prevent big time-consuming messes down the line.


If you’re a person who tends to let dishes pile up in the sink to avoid washing them, try this simple trick to put the effort involved into perspective: For a few days,

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Two options, one result: Perfectly clean washing.

With VarioPerfect, it’s all about you and your laundry. If you’re in a hurry, you can speed up the washing process by up to 65%. But if you want to wash your laundry economically, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%. And you can do it all just by pressing a button.

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Cordless vacuum cleaners

Cordless upright vacuum cleanerBCS122GB white


Cordless, but with continuous runtime*, thanks to exchangeable battery pack and quick charger.

  • Continuous runtime: exchangeable battery packs in combination with a quick charger ensure that you`re always ready to clean and never run out of power.*
  • Power for ALL System: The battery pack is also part of the 18-volt cordless system from Home &

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How To Make a 2 Ingredient Home Electronics Cleaner

If you had the choice between paying $13.00 or $1.50 for the exact same product, I don’t think there would be any hesitation, you’d opt for the cheaper option. That’s what got me inspired to make my very own household cleaner for electronics after my name brand cleaner finally ran out this weekend…

It was really my better half who got me wondering about a no-chemical,

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The best electric blankets to keep you warm this winter

The days may be getting shorter, but the weather is yet to offer much respite. In fact, statistically, February is the UK’s coldest month, and last year the Beast from the East lingered well into March. 

So prepare for plenty more chilly nights ahead. One option to stave off the cold is an electric blanket. Unlike the clunky,

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10 best cordless vacuum cleaners

Dyson believes cordless vacuum cleaners are the future and that, in the not-too-distant future, cordless versions will be seen as archaic. We’ve certainly been blown away by how good some of today’s cordless machines are, compared to even just five years ago. The run and charge time, the suction power, the manoeuvrability and the weight have all improved.

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The Best Natural Cleaning Products, According to Experts

The best-known cleaning products are also the ones laced heavily with harsh chemicals. Mr. Clean, Windex, Clorox — all effective, none organic. The problem with switching over to more ecofriendly cleaning products — ones that won’t coat your home with brain-cell-killing fumes — is that lots of brands claim to be “natural” or “organic.” But unlike the USDA-certified-organic stickers you can look for in a grocery store’s produce section,

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Best cordless vacuum cleaner 2019: the best wire-free vacuums you can buy

The perfect vacuum cleaner can be hard to find. You need a device that ensures dust and dirt has no place to hide, one that’ll fit with your home and your needs and one that’s within your budget. We’re here to help. 

We’ve been on a hunt to find the best of the best cleaners available right now.

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